Inseong shares love with her art. Your gift will support her radio program through which she shares the grace of God. For our appreciation, Inseong's painting is our gift to you. She also supports various non-profit organizations and churches through her art. Your support is the voice behind the cause. 

When we experience healing, our passion is to serve others who are in similar pain or sorrow. Our community needs your prayers and your hands to reach out. Most of all, we do not let our lives go in any circumstance when we focus on our calling to give a helping hand to those who are drowning with grief or tragic life experiences. They need you and your encouragement.

Calling Beyond Healing
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Resting is not something that is familiar in the 21st Century generation. When we do not understand what true rest means, our labor and hard work can actually bring despair and can take us to a dark place. When our society spins, our life is like a hamster wheel, we reconnect with God and claim rest as sheep in Psalms 23.

Rest In His Love
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4 GB USB Flash Drive

can be a special gift for friends and families to share photos and memories, or messages. It is easy to carry around in your wallet and comes with the beautiful gift box. 

Promise USB
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God is our promise keeper. He understands our pain and sorrow. He promised to make all good whatever the evil has done to our life. " As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today." (Genesis 50:20)

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Each giclée in this limited edition is carefully crafted with archival museum quality canvas and inks. Both the artist and the print maker, StudioWest, certify that this edition is limited to 1000 finished in the size of 24 x 48.  All limited edition giclées are signed by Inseong J. Kim in English, Korean and Chinese. Each giclée comes without frame. If the customer would like for us to add a frame, there will be additional cost depends on the frame that the customer chose. Please email for adding a frame at [email protected] We ship your items that you purchased online. To view Inseong's painting, please click Inseong Gallery.

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